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All Your Railway Needs in One Super App

All Your Railway Needs in One Super App!

One Super App- Get ready for the ultimate railway experience! Indian Railways is cooking up a ‘Super App’ that squeezes all your train necessities into a single, easy-to-use app. No more juggling between apps for tickets and tracking – it’s all in one place! The tech wizards at CRIS, the railway ministry’s IT heroes, are making this magic happen.

All Your Railway Needs in One Super App!

What’s in this Super App, you ask? Well, think of it as a combo of your favorite apps like Rail Madad, UTS, and National Train Enquiry System. Plus, it’s throwing in extras like PortRead, Satark, and TMS-Nirikshan for smooth operations. And hey, don’t forget the cool standalone apps – IRCTC Rail Connect, IRCTC eCatering Food on Track, and IRCTC Air for booking flights. It’s like having a train and travel genie in your pocket!

Now, meet the stars of the show. IRCTC Rail Connect is the VIP with over 100 million fans, perfect for snagging those reserved tickets. UTS, the sidekick, caters to the platform tickets and season passes crew with over 10 million fans. The big shots behind the scenes are urging everyone to give feedback so they can make this Super App even more super. They say, “Let’s make this app not just user-friendly but money-friendly too!”

What’s the ticket price for this magical app? Around Rs 90 crore for three years of top-notch service. In 2023, IRCTC Rail Connect stole the spotlight, grabbing half a million train ticket bookings. It’s a train-tastic revolution, and you don’t want to miss the ride!

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