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Ayodhya New Ram Temple Air India

Ayodhya New Ram Temple

Ayodhya New Ram Temple- Hey there, get ready for a spiritual adventure! The big Ram temple in Ayodhya is opening its doors on January 22, and airlines are all set to make your journey super smooth.

Ready for Takeoff: Air India Express Leads the Way

Starting January 17, Air India Express is launching daily flights from Bengaluru and Kolkata to the new Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya. Guess what? Prime Minister Modi will be there on December 30 for the grand opening!

Soaring High: IndiGo and Air India Express Join In

From January 6 onwards, IndiGo and Air India Express will be your go-to buddies for regular flights. They’re even kicking things off with special flights from Delhi on December 30. And hey, they’ve got direct flights from big cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

Ayodhya New Ram Temple: Air India Express

IndiGo’s Flight Plan

  • Delhi: Regular flights start on January 6.
  • Ahmedabad: Ready for takeoff on January 11.
  • Mumbai: Mumbai flights start on January 15.

Air India Express Takes Off

  • Delhi: Daily flights to Ayodhya from January 16.
  • Bengaluru and Kolkata: Flights open up from January 17.

People from all over the world want to see Shri Ram Lalla in the new temple. So, airlines are getting ready to announce even more flights to Ayodhya.

When Air India Express talked about flights from Bengaluru and Kolkata, Ankur Garg, the airline’s big shot, said, “We’re all about connecting India, and we’re excited to do it with non-stop flights to Ayodhya from Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. These cities are like doorways to Ayodhya, making it easy for people from South and East India to come over.

As the days tick down to the temple opening, the skies over Ayodhya are buzzing with more than just planes—they’re carrying the hopes and devotion of lots of people ready for a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual journey. So, buckle up! Ayodhya is calling, and the skies are wide open, promising you blessings and an incredible journey ahead!

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