You are currently viewing Congressman requires motion in opposition to rising hate crimes in opposition to Hindus in US

Congressman requires motion in opposition to rising hate crimes in opposition to Hindus in US

NEW DELHI: Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar on Monday raised the difficulty of steady assaults in opposition to Hindu temples throughout the US and the rising concern of hate crimes among the many group whereas interacting with members of the Hindu group.Throughout his interplay with the group, the Congressman accused native regulation enforcement of not taking enough motion to analyze the current assaults.”We’ve seen a lot of attacks happening on Hindu temples across the United States, and we’ve seen a lot more in more recent times. And it’s time for us to seek support. There’s fear,” Thanedar mentioned.”Many Hindu communities are under fear. And what we’ve seen is that local law enforcement hasn’t taken enough action. We have not seen any suspects, any arrests, or any resolution to these issues,” he added.Congressman Thanedar additional mentioned, “That (attack incident) has created a lot of fear among the Indian American community, among the Hindu community, and a lot of misinformation has been spread. And so the purpose of this resolution is to bring that to the attention of Congress and to the Biden administration.”One other Indian-American, Vijay Sadhawal, who was current on the occasion, expressed his concern over the ‘bias of the American media’ in direction of American Hindus and mentioned that the decision is simply the start line to elevating the voice of the Hindu group.”We have enough Hindu Americans in the country that can actually be a steering rod, so to speak, for protecting our minority rights in this country. And yet we see that the instruments of democracy, like the media, civil society, and NGOs, seem to be biased against the Hindu population of the United States,” he mentioned.Notably, Thanedar additionally drew similarity between the current assaults on Hindu temples in US with the assaults on Kashmiri Pandits after the Nineteen Nineties throughout the interplay and mentioned that he “sees a tremendous similarity that serves the institutions.””The striking similarity is that if I take you back to Kashmir, which is a Hindu minority region in another democracy, and I look back at the events that took place in late last century, especially after the 1980s and beyond, I see a tremendous similarity that serves the institutions that in the democracy are intended to protect you,” he mentioned.Earlier, Congressman Thanedar launched a decision within the Home of Representatives condemning Hinduphobia, anti-Hindu bigotry, hate, and intolerance which has been referred to the Home Committee on Oversight and Accountability.The decision that Congressman Shri Thanedar launched earlier final week reads that Hindu Individuals face stereotypes and disinformation about their heritage and symbols, and have been the targets of bullying in colleges and on school campuses, in addition to discrimination and hate speech.Congressman Thanedar additionally mentioned that he expects bipartisan assist in Congress because it displays American values, including that he’ll proceed to battle in opposition to racism.

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