Get Ready for Telegram’s Awesome New Stuff!

Get Ready for Telegrams Awesome New Stuff

Get Ready for Telegram’s Awesome New Stuff!

Telegram’s Awesome New Stuff-Hey, Telegram fans! Big news – Telegram just gave itself a cool makeover with a bunch of new features. Let me break it down for you in simple terms.

1. Your Channel, Your Style

If you own a Telegram channel, things just got exciting. Now, you can make your channel look super cool as more people join or you do giveaways. Pick a color and logo for your channel, add a fun emoji status, and even set a wallpaper. Express yourself with animated snowmen or whatever quirky thing you like.

Get Ready for Telegram's Awesome New Stuff!

2. Spice Up Your Stories

Ever wanted to share cool messages from channels in your Stories? Well, now you can! Resize, adjust, and jazz up messages the way you want. It works for photos, files, and even voice or video messages. Your Stories are about to get a major upgrade.

3. Share the Premium Love

Got Telegram Premium? Now, you can gift it to up to 10 friends at once. It’s like spreading good vibes with a single tap. And if you already have Premium, you can save the gift for later or share it with a buddy.

4. Giveaways, More Fun, More Prizes

If you love giveaways, get ready for more excitement. Now, hosts can make giveaways last longer and offer extra prizes, from burritos to fancy cars. And to keep it fair, they can show off the winners with a fun confetti celebration.

5. Who’s Checking Your Stories? Find Out!

Wondering who’s looking at your Stories? Now you can see! And if you’re running a channel, you get cool stats on how your Stories are doing. Check out reactions and see who’s sharing your stories.

6. Make Your Stories Pop with Photos

Now, you can get super creative. Add photos from your gallery to your Stories and even remove the background. It’s your chance to make your Stories uniquely yours.

So, there you have it – Telegram’s got some awesome new stuff for you. It’s not just an update; it’s like a whole new world of fun. Open up your Telegram app and dive into the coolness!

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