Miss Grand International 2023 winner

Miss Grand International 2023 winner

In this guide, we’ll explore the Miss Grand International 2023 pageant, sharing all the exciting moments and who won.

Introduction: Miss Grand International 2023

Miss Grand International 2023 is a big beauty contest. People from many countries took part in it. We will talk about what happened during this event.

The Grand Journey Begins

This contest started with a fancy party. People from different countries came, dressed in their special clothes. Famous people were there too.

The Battle of Elegance

In the contest, the participants wore clothes from their own countries. They looked great, and it was a way to show their culture.

Advocacy and Social Responsibility

At Miss Grand International, it’s not just about looks. The participants also talk about important issues like the environment and fairness. They care about making the world better.

The Spectacular Final Show

The contest ended with a big show. The participants wore beautiful dresses and swimsuits. They also talked about important stuff. It was a fantastic show.

Nikki De Moura: The Reigning Miss Grand International 2023

In the world of beauty contests, there’s a new queen, Nikki De Moura, who won the Miss Grand International 2023 competition. Let’s discover how she achieved this victory.

Nikki’s Early Life

Nikki De Moura comes from a small town and always dreamed of becoming famous. She started her journey to win Miss Grand International from a simple background.

How Nikki Became a Beauty Queen

Nikki worked hard and won several local beauty contests. Her beauty, intelligence, and dedication to helping people made her stand out.

The Big Moment

Nikki’s crowning moment at the Miss Grand International 2023 competition was a result of her years of preparation. She looked stunning in her gown and answered the judges’ questions with confidence.

Nikki’s New Role

As Miss Grand International 2023, Nikki is a role model for many. She cares about peace, the environment, and fairness.

Nikki’s Peaceful Message

Nikki’s work to spread peace and protect the environment is inspiring. She helps with different projects to make the world better.

Inspiring Others

Nikki travels to inspire young people, especially girls, to chase their dreams. Her story shows that anyone can achieve their goals with hard work.


Nikki De Moura’s journey to becoming Miss Grand International 2023 is a story of hard work and grace. She inspires us to believe in ourselves and make the world a better place.

In this guide, we’ve told you all about Miss Grand International 2023. From the start to the winner, we covered it all. We also told you about the awards. Stay with us for more about Miss Grand International!

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