You are currently viewing Multiplex chain stops screening of Malayalam films over battle with movie producers | Malayalam Film Information

Multiplex chain stops screening of Malayalam films over battle with movie producers | Malayalam Film Information

Malayalam cinema has been on a roll, packing theatres with stellar releases like Manjummel Boys, Bramayugam, Premalu and Aadujeevitham. Now, with three releases for Eid, specifically Aavesham, Varshangalkku Shesham, and Jai Ganesh, field workplace numbers have been purported to do effectively, however multiplex chain PVR-INOX has stopped screening Malayalam films throughout the nation, on account of a dispute between them and the Kerala Movie Producers Affiliation (KFPA).Right here’s a lowdown of the scenario:The problem started after movie producers arrange an Unique content material mastering unit: SourceService suppliers like QUBE, UFO, and Sony present digital print for theatres like PVR INOX, and in accordance with sources, they allegedly cost a digital print charge (VPF), which is alleged to be priced wherever between Rs 12,000 to Rs 25,000 per week for screening. “Film producers found this price to be exorbitant. As a solution, producers in Kerala came up with a content mastering unit called PDC. Now, producers have been urging theatres to switch to this particular content mastering scheme as it is cheaper on their pockets. However, the multiplex chain is not willing to make the switch, thus leading to the conflict,” explains our supply. Forcing an exhibitor to acquire content material from just one supply is prohibited by regulation: PVR-InoxKamal Gianchandani, PVR-INOX CEO, mentioned in a press release on social media, “Our newly inaugurated 9-screen cinema PVR FORUM Kochi, has been advised by the association to source Malayalam movie content exclusively through one channel i.e., through the content mastering and distribution network run by the association. Such an action of forcing an exhibitor to procure content from only one source is anti-competitive in nature and prohibited under the law. As a law-abiding member of Indian Film Industry, we are unable to comply with this advice.”This ban will change into a much bigger loss for the multiplex chain, states Malayalam movie producerA producer, on situation of anonymity, instructed us, “Rather than within Kerala, the issue has an effect outside the state, because in Chennai and Bengaluru, most of the screens are run by the multiplex chain. While a producer faces a loss, so do the theatres; in fact, they face a bigger loss, particularly during the festive season. They’re losing a huge number of centres – about 100 theatres in Kerala and in South India – in a day.”What’s a VPF?VPF, or a Digital Print Price, is a subsidy paid by a movie distributor to buy tools for digital cinema projection which a movie exhibitor makes use of to current the movement image. This was launched when commercial-grade digital projectors have been launched and theatre house owners resisted altering their movie projectors. Since there was some huge cash being made by the distributors and never the theatre house owners, the idea of VPF was launched.

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