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NCR house cooks give a wholesome spin to Navaratra meals

These fasting for Navaratra in NCR want ordering festive-special delights from city-based house cooks – who promise attention-grabbing meals combos, guilt-free snacking choices, and extra. From buckwheat pasta and samak idli to falahari cake, individuals are guaranteeing they get pleasure from a wholesome fare whereas they quick.Navaratra meal will get wholesome alternativesSarika Gupta, a Faridabad-based house chef, says, “Today, no one wants to have fried food during their fast.So, developing recipes that are low fat but high on taste is the way to go. We replace pooris in the Navaratra thali with parathas of different flours. Dishes like samak idlis are preferred as they are light.” Sandeep Chatrath, a Gurgaon-based house chef, is providing fusion meals to his purchasers. He says, “For people who don’t mind a twist in traditional flavours, options like buckwheat pasta with tomato sauce, potato-water chestnut croquettes with homemade Navaratra-friendly mayonnaise, cottage cheese and cherry tomato skewers with pesto sauce, sabudana cutlets with kiwi and date relish work well. In desserts, makhana kheer flavoured with orange zest is one of the most-ordered dishes.” He provides, “People have been eating the same fasting food for ages, so some novelty is always welcome.” Buckwheat pasta is popular among youngstersPriyanka Garg, who is home chef based in Gurgaon, says “For dishes like a falahari meal, we get orders from those fasting and even those who are not. Many clients order sabudana khichdi and vadas for their evening tea in office or at home.” Neetu Puri, a Noida-based home chef., says, “Navaratra thali is always in demand from the younger lot as they prefer to eat one proper meal in the evening and eat fruits or snacks like roasted makhana during office hours.New additions to Navaratra menu to satisfy cravings“To satisfy food cravings during the fasting period, people look for wholesome meal options. Keeping this in mind, dishes like green plantain stir fry, raw banana curry, roasted sweet potato curry and lemon or cumin-flavoured samak rice have been added to the menu,” says Anjali Gupta, a Delhi-based chef and founding father of a south Indian meals catering firm. Kuttu dahi vadas are a go-to night snackMeetha toh banta hai!Kritika Malhotra, a Faridabad-based baker, says that falahari cake is loved by those that are fasting. “People are curious to taste a falahari cake. According to home baker Kritika Malhotra, falahari cakes made using kuttu ka atta, rajgiri atta, and bananas (or any fruit) are typically ordered by health-conscious people who are fasting. Also, clients trust home bakers to take all precautions necessary to make a falahari cake – from choosing the right ingredients to maintaining cleanliness. It is even ordered during the non-fasting days by people having a gluten allergy.”Falahari cake (Pic: @carnationscakery)

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