‘Not a Banana Republic’: Israeli PM Netanyahu slams US lawmaker’s name for election – 7 minute timer

‘Not a Banana Republic’: Israeli PM Netanyahu slams US lawmaker’s name for election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed again in opposition to criticism from america, asserting that requires a brand new election had been unwarranted amidst the continuing battle with Hamas. Based on an AP report, US Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer, a distinguished Jewish determine and staunch supporter of Israel, had urged for recent elections, saying Netanyahu “lost his way”.President Joe Biden voiced backing for Schumer’s stance, expressing considerations over civilian casualties in Gaza brought on by Israel’s actions.In an announcement to Fox Information, Netanyahu defended his place, drawing a comparability to the aftermath of the September 11 assaults within the US. He mentioned, “we’re not a banana republic,” he said. “The people of Israel will choose when they will have elections, and who they’ll elect, and it’s not something that will be foisted on us.”Meanwhile, the Israeli PM was asked about the elections by CNN, he said, “I think that’s something for the Israeli public to decide.”The United States, a key provider of military and diplomatic assistance to Israel, has voiced apprehensions regarding a proposed Israeli attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where approximately 1.4 million displaced Palestinians have sought shelter. John Kirby, the spokesperson for the National Security Council, informed Fox News that the US has yet to receive details of Israel’s plan for Rafah.Despite diplomatic efforts, Netanyahu remained resolute in continuing the military operation, targeting Hamas in Rafah. The Egyptian President cautioned against an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, citing “grave repercussions on the whole region.” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after discussions with Netanyahu, questioned the humanitarian prices of the battle in Gaza, urging for different means to realize goals.(With AP inputs)

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