You are currently viewing ‘Nothing he ever says is sensible’: BJP’s Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Rahul Gandhi’s allegation on electoral bonds

‘Nothing he ever says is sensible’: BJP’s Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Rahul Gandhi’s allegation on electoral bonds

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Union minister and BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, mentioned on Tuesday that Congress chief Rahul Gandhi must be the final particular person to speak about corruption. He was reacting to Rahul ‘s allegation that the electoral bond scheme is “the biggest corruption scandal.””Rahul Gandhi is the last person who should talk about funding and dubious sources of funds.We know Bofors, we know all of those scams that his family is legendary for,” Chandrasekhar informed ANI.He mentioned that Rahul Gandhi has not completed something helpful for the individuals of India.”My suggestion to everybody who has some common sense and who doesn’t want to spend too much time pursuing useless commentary is to ignore people like Rahul Gandhi because nothing he ever says makes any sense. He has never done anything useful for the people of India,” he mentioned.”Even today, when he is on a campaign trail, he has not one idea to put forth for the development of the people…The electoral bond issue, as the Government of India and the prime minister have repeatedly clarified, is a move to move election funding from black money to white money, from unaccounted and untraceable cash to accountable and traceable bonds,” he added.Earlier as we speak, whereas addressing public at a roadshow in Kerala’s Kozhikode, Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi over electoral bond scheme which the Supreme Courtroom struck down as unconstitutional.”I don’t know if you saw his interview with ANI yesterday. I don’t know if you saw his face, his eyes, he was trying to defend the biggest corruption scandal on the planet through which BJP has got thousands of crores of rupees by extorting them from India’s businessmen,” he mentioned.In an interview with ANI, PM Modi mentioned the electoral bonds scheme was aimed toward curbing black cash in elections and mentioned the opposition desires to run away after making allegations. PM Modi mentioned that “everyone will regret it when there is an honest reflection”.Rahul Gandhi additional talked about that Prime Minister’s aim is to distract individuals from actual points.”That is why sometimes you will see him doing puja underneath the sea, sometimes he tells the people of India we will bring the Olympics to India. Another time he will say we are going to send one man to the Moon. He never talks about unemployment or price rise. He protects the richest people in the country and forgives their bank loans,” he mentioned.

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