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Sunflower 2 star Adah Sharma: OTT motivates to do inventive tasks

Adah Sharma’s The Kerala Story lastly launched digitally final month after a postponement of months. “It was banned in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, and now with social media I am getting tagged everywhere. It’s great that we can reach places through OTT that weren’t reached before. It feels great that OTT as a medium has created that space for us,” says the actor. Adah Sharma on OTT Sharma, who has finished OTT tasks, together with, Pati Patni Aur Panga (2020), The Vacation (2022), and the newest being Commando (2023), says that the medium provides possibilities to discover. “OTT does motivate to do creative projects without worrying about numbers, it’s like an added advantage of the medium,” says the 31-year-old. Hindustan Occasions – your quickest supply for breaking information! Learn now. “As an actor, we try not to think about these things and let the producers worry. Having said that, if you look at it that way, we as actors would put in the same effort in a music video, theatrical film or an OTT release, numbers or medium won’t make us think twice,” she additional provides. Going ahead, the actor needs to do distinct roles. “I just want to try different characters and hopefully people will offer me roles that I have not done before. That has always been my main aim, I don’t want to repeat. For example, I did the same action genre in both Bastar and Commando, but the action that I did was different in both,” Sharma continues, “Commando was hand to hand combat and we were larger than life heroes, while Bastar was realistic, gritty and violent, as we were fighting a war. I am glad people are giving me different things to do and it should continue.” Speaking about her expertise of working together with her co-star, actor Sunil Grover in Sunflower 2 and the way she was joyful to be part of season 2, she says, “It was amazing to work with such cool people. We had such seasoned actors, everyone had a different style of comedy. And, Sunil is a very funny person, be doesn’t take himself very seriously. He improvises and tries new things, it’s fun working with him,” including, “Moreover, I had never seen any role written like this for anyone before, I was fortunate to play Rosy’s role. I was glad that people had expectations after season one, it made us work harder.”

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