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Surprising Banking Update Why Executives Cant Hold Events Now

Surprising Banking Update: Why Executives Can’t Hold Events Now

Surprising Banking Update, This month, some government banks told their top executives not to organize business events until March. The State Bank of India was the first to do this on January 2, stopping its senior employees from holding such events until March 31. Other banks like Indian Bank and Bank of Baroda did the same in the following days, according to Moneycontrol.

Why did the banks make this rule? They want to stop the aggressive selling of insurance and mutual fund products. These sales campaigns often involve rewarding executives who sell the most with gifts, encouraging them to push these products even if customers don’t need them. Banks tend to reward those who sell a lot and punish those who don’t meet sales targets.

The pressure to sell these financial products comes from the top down to bank branches. Many times, customers aren’t fully informed about the risks of these products, leading to misleading sales. And it’s not just about insurance and mutual funds.

Surprising Banking Update: Why Executives Can’t Hold Events Now

Former employees of Yes Bank allegedly sold special bonds to deposit holders, calling them ‘super Fixed Deposits’ with higher returns. These bonds are usually issued to strengthen a bank’s financial position. Later, when the bank devalued these bonds during a financial rescue, regular investors found themselves stuck. There’s also a case of HDFC Bank employees allegedly pushing GPS products to customers taking auto loans. In May 2021, the Reserve Bank of India fined the bank Rs 10 crore.

An investigation into the sale of non-financial products to the bank’s customers found breaches of laws and rules, according to the RBI. The bank took action against the staff involved.

In 2023, a video went viral showing an official from a private bank scolding junior staff for not meeting insurance sales targets. This led to punishment by the bank. In such a toxic culture, junior employees are forced to sell products to clients that may not be suitable for them. It’s good to see that some banks are trying to stop these misleading sales. The rules from big government banks could set an example for others, and hopefully, these actions will change how banks operate.

Banks should sell products to customers based on their needs, not just to meet sales goals. Period.
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