The 2024 Tech Trends

The 2024 Tech Trends 1

2024 Tech Trends – In 2023, tech was all about artificial intelligence, chatbots, and more AI. 2024 will likely follow the same path in the world of tech. Big tech companies are armed with AI tools ready to roll out in 2024. However, it’s not just about AI; smart glasses and headsets will also make waves in the upcoming year. Look at it as a tech-filled glass half full.

Smart Glasses Refueled

Sure, smart glasses aren’t a novelty, but the improvements anticipated in 2024 could turn them into something noteworthy. Various brands have dabbled in smart glasses. Amazon Echo Frames bring the power of Alexa, while Meta’s collaboration with Ray-Ban is gaining traction. Ray-Bans, equipped with a 12MP camera, lets you capture moments, make calls, listen to music, and more, all with just your glasses.

Fitness Rings: Your All-in-One Monitor

Fitness rings mark the next step in wearable tech, stepping away from wristbands while still keeping tabs on your every move. They come with features like personalized workout routines and sleep tracking. Big names like Noise and Boat have joined the ring competition, hinting that fitness rings might become a common sight in 2024.

The End of Password Hassles?

Yes, 2024 might bid farewell to the never-ending password struggle. Google and Apple have already introduced passkeys. It’s just a matter of time before apps, websites, and other services adopt this password-free trend. It’s about time too, as juggling special characters, symbols, upper and lower cases, and the endless requirements for every app are becoming more burdensome.


Apple’s upcoming star, Vision Pro, is expected to arrive in early 2024, bringing a new era of computing. Whether the masses embrace it is secondary, but you can bet on a flood of Chinese knockoffs making headsets more mainstream. Meta’s Quest headset is also in for an overhaul in 2024 due to the intense competition from Apple Vision Pro. Although priced at a hefty $3,499 initially available only in the US, its impact will soon be felt worldwide on various levels.

AI: A Non-Sci-Fi Reality

Artificial intelligence is no longer confined to sci-fi movies. In 2024, it will permeate almost every aspect of our lives. Consider 2023 as just a trailer; the full AI movie will be released in 2024. The big leap for AI will be in text-to-video conversion. Keep an eye on ChatGPT, Bard, Grok, and Elon Musk’s AI tool, as they are set to make significant strides in 2024. AI will be the maestro creating the tech industry’s soundtrack in the coming year.

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