Unique! Sushant Divgikar dons Rekha's iconic appears to be like on Girls's Day - 7 minute timer

Unique! Sushant Divgikar dons Rekha’s iconic appears to be like on Girls’s Day

On Girls’s day actor and singer Sushant Divgikar aka Rani Ko-HE-Nur paid and tribute to her inspiration Rekha. The previous Bigg Boss contestant did a photoshoot paying a homage to the Khoon Bhari Maang actress. “Everybody knows that I am Rekha ji’s biggest fan. She has also acknowledged this on television but this was the first time ever that I realised there are so many different characters that she has portrayed on screen.I think it was overdue that I pay her homage and a tribute by emulating these looks because I realised that she is so many energies within one woman, so many different types of women in one woman,” she shares. Speaking additional about selecting up the pictures and inspiration, Sushant provides, “Rekha ji has played such varied roles whether it is Umrao Jaan or Silsila or Ghar or Khoon Bhari Maang or Madam X and all of them she has played with such panache and she’s been so convincing in those roles. I think the beauty of being an artist is that you can play so many characters and she has shown that to us perfectly. I remember in Khoon Bhari Maang, I used to scream and shout and clap my hands when I used to see her in that black leather look or the beautiful golden look where she is doing the photoshoot.”Sushant Divgikar (L); Rekha (R)Speaking about favorite look, Sushant rapidly names the one from Umrao Jaan. “I have to lean towards Umrao Jaan. It’s such a classic and beautiful look, showing the grandeur of the courtesans and the Indian cultural fabrics as an artist,” she mentions. Sushant Divgikar (L); Rekha (R)Sushant, who was lately seen in Thanks For Coming, believes that one ought to rejoice girls’s day on a regular basis. “If you’re lucky enough to have strong women around you, you have your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter or just somebody who’s an inspirational figure like Rekha ji is to me, why not celebrate her everyday,” she ends.

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