Big Changes Coming to Social Media: What You Should Know

Big Changes Coming to Social Media

Big Changes Coming to Social Media

Big Changes Coming to Social Media-Hey there! Big news in the digital world – the government is about to lay down some rules for social media giants like Facebook, X, and Instagram. Get ready for the lowdown in simple terms!

The Scoop on the New Rules

So, here’s the deal: the government wants social media companies to clean up their act. They’re talking about permanently deleting the personal info of users who’ve been away from their accounts for three years straight. Yup, if you’ve been MIA, your data might be on the chopping block.

Big Changes Coming to Social Media
Big Changes Coming to Social Media

These rules are part of a draft plan called the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act. It got the official thumbs-up in August, and now they’re getting everyone’s opinions before making it official.

Beyond Social Media: Who Else is Involved?

But hold on, it’s not just social media getting a makeover. These rules might also affect online shops, marketplaces, and even gaming sites. Everybody gets a slice of the data-deletion pie, no matter how many users they have in India.

Healthcare and Education: Some Exceptions

Now, let’s talk about exceptions. The rules might allow big healthcare and educational players to use some personal info for good stuff like public health or research. Big universities and research institutes might get a pass too, but there will be rules to keep things safe.

School’s In, Data’s In

Educational institutes, especially the ones under the government, might get the green light to use data for research. But don’t worry; there will be rules about what kind of data and how to keep it safe.

Data Breach Drama: 72-Hour Countdown

Okay, worst-case scenario: a data breach. If your info is at risk, the folks handling your data have to spill the beans within 72 hours. They need to tell you this thing called the Data Protection Board (DPB) ASAP. It’s like a digital emergency call.

Who You Gonna Call? Data Protection Board!

Not only do they have to tell you about the breach, but they also need to spill the details to the DPB – the when, where, and how much of the breach. All of this is within that 72-hour window.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – the government’s plan to change things up in the digital world. Social media, online shopping, gaming, healthcare, and education – it’s a digital shake-up. Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, keep using those social media accounts. Otherwise, your data might just disappear!

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