'Confrontational:' Man arrested for attempting to enter the US Capitol constructing with hammer - 7 minute timer

‘Confrontational:’ Man arrested for attempting to enter the US Capitol constructing with hammer


NEW DELHI: The Police in US arrested a person making an attempt to enter the Capitol after discovering a hammer in his backpack, in accordance with the Hill.Christopher Snow, 33, reportedly turned ‘confrontational’ when a police officer recognized the hammer throughout an x-ray scan of his bag and proceeded with additional inspection.“Several officers immediately intervened to stop the suspect,” the discharge continued.“A struggle ensued. [Capitol Police] officers deployed a Taser to stop the individual and take him into custody. A hammer was found inside the bag.”Capitol Police Captain Andrew Pecher mentioned the officers “did what they were trained to do and stopped this man from getting into the US Capitol,” per the discharge.“Great work from the officer who spotted the hammer, to the officers who quickly took the suspect into custody,” he added.In keeping with officers, Snow is being charged with assault on a Police Officer.The incident comes lower than two months after Capitol Police introduced the investigation of over 8,000 threats to members of Congress final yr, up from about 7,500 threats in 2022, however down from 2021.“With the political conventions, member campaigns, and many issues being debated on Capitol Hill, this is going to be a very busy year for our special agents,” Assistant Chief Ashan Benedict mentioned. “Our team is dedicated to putting all of our resources into protecting the Congress while we continue to grow in order to keep up with our expanding mission.”

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