Google Latest Phones: Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8

Google Latest Phones

Google Latest Phones

Google Latest Phones – Google introduced its newest Pixel smartphones this year, namely the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8. The focus, especially on the pricier Pixel 8 Pro, was to make the most of AI and machine learning through a smartphone. Beyond being a small AI powerhouse, these phones come with fantastic features that take smartphone photography to a whole new level.

Pixel 8 Pro Features

The Pixel 8 Pro runs on the Google Tensor G3 chipset, handling the heavy lifting for advanced AI and ML capabilities. Let’s explore the top six AI-powered features that make the Pixel 8 Pro stand out:

1. Magic Editor

Think of this as a supercharged Magic Eraser. Users can easily move objects, alter the sky and sea colors, add clouds, and apply stylish effects to enhance photos without needing complex tools like Photoshop.

2. Magic Audio Eraser

Identifying background noise in videos, this feature lets users swipe away unwanted sounds. It’s especially useful when wind interferes with voice recordings during commentary.

3. Best Take

This feature can change a person’s face in a group photo by choosing expressions from other images.

4. Recorder with Summarise

Exclusive to Pixel phones, the Recorder app offers one of the best recording and transcription experiences on the Google Play Store. Thanks to Tensor G3, it generates AI-powered summaries of recordings in concise bullet points.

5. Video Boost

After recording a video, the phone temporarily stores it. Video Boost uses this file to create an enhanced video. Users can save it to the cloud, and Google’s AI tools enhance aspects like color, contrast, and brightness before saving it back to the user’s phone.

6. Smart Reply in Gboard

The Pixel 8 Pro is now equipped with Gemini Nano LLM, powering Smart Reply in Gboard as a developer preview. This on-device AI model saves time by suggesting high-quality responses with conversational awareness.

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